How I Would Do DNRS Differently

While I truly cannot complain about my experience with DNRS at all, there is a small list of things I would do differently if I had the chance to go back and do it all again. I hope the first two in particular encourage you if you are considering the program but unsure if it will "work."

Get excited 

I would absolutely let myself get excited from the start. Anyone who's walked the road of chronic illness knows how disappointment becomes not only a mere fact of life but a shadow hovering over anything you even think about doing. Not only not being able to do things you want but also the prospect of yet another attempt at improvement not working leads you to habitually prepare for the worst by never expecting better than that. It becomes ingrained into our brains to protect ourselves--even more than those who aren't chronically ill--to not get our hopes up about anything so that we aren't devastated all over again ... and again. (Incidentally, the brain pathway of "protecting yourself" by keeping your hopes low and your guard high does tie into a limbic system impairment and something that needs rewired. You'll see what I mean when doing the program.) That self-protecting mechanism was not needed in this case.

Expect it to work

Similarly, I would just go ahead and fully expect it to "work." I had watched the testimonials. I had watched a friend already improving on the program about a month before I started it. But, of course, there was that little lingering fear that it wouldn't work for me--that I would do it wrong, that I was the freak that the principles of the program didn't apply to, or that I wasn't sick enough for it (watching testimonials of people going from wheelchairs, feeding tubes, and every day in bed to thriving understandably made me wonder a little, as I sat there at my computer). But that fear was not at all needed--of course it would work. Because the brain has no choice but to change as we tell it, given time to change. The only way it wouldn't "work" is if I just didn't do it.

Do all 6 months

The program greatly emphasizes committing to at least 6 months of the program. In reality, I only did about four or five months because I improved so much in that time. I don't think it changed my outcome at all, but I would just like to be able to say that I did the full six months for the principle of the thing.

Find it sooner

This is one that I could not have controlled. And I fully believe that God leads us to the next right step as we pay attention. I truly had not heard of DNRS--or anything about neuroplasticity--before the end of 2016/beginning of 2017 so had no idea to start it back in 2013 like I wish I could have. And at the same time, if I had found it during those darkest years, I don't think I was ready for it. Not only would the whole idea have been brain-cramp-inducingly brand new to me, I don't think I would have been open to it because I still had so much waking up to health and healing and the world in general to do. I was miserable enough, but I wasn't open-minded enough yet. So I can look back and wish all I want, but I still believe God brought it to my attention (via Instagram) at just the right time.

Would I go back and redo it if I could? Nope! It was incredible as it was. But if you are doing or considering doing DNRS, I hope these "wishes" encourage you.

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