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To the "Gonna Die Anyway" Crowd

We've all probably heard someone share this ever-wise popular mentality: "We're all gonna die anyway, so I'm gonna eat whatever I want." And if you've so much as stuck a toe in the ocean of healthy living, particularly in the realms of social media, you've especially seen that line far too many times.
A while back I saw an ad for the then-new Reese's Cheerios online, under which one well-intentioned, brave, if not-so-tactful commenter took it upon themselves to point out the Glyphosate-ridden shortcomings of the presumably delicious poison—er, I mean, cereal. And, with a couple of exceptions in the replies people unleashed, including the above cliched line (because how DARE you find blame with the American institution that is Cheerios?), she was slaughtered. By people whose feelings got riled up over 1) someone questioning their beloved cereal and 2) someone bothering to rock the boat for others' good whether the facts were palatable or …

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