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A New Decade

I am so grateful that I got to experience the last few months of this closing decade of mine as a healthy person. The vast majority of my twenties, I was very sick.

Sometimes I can’t help feeling like those years were almost completely a loss: the years when most are finally living like adults, independent and full of possibilities, I spent most of my time in bed, unable to do more than type on my laptop and occasionally make a meal.

In some moments, those 6+ years of illness seem stolen, wasted without my consent. But then, all things considered, I realize I milked those years. I may not have been able to get out and be social, but I long-distance dated and married the most handsome, long-suffering man in the world. And we have already reached five extremely happy years of marriage.

I was unable to write as much as I know I could have, but I wrote three different blogs over those years. I couldn’t go out and get a “real job,” but I discovered jewelry making and launched a shop that…

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