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The Good Kind of Blind Trust

I met my amazing husband of now seven years at the very end of four years of college. It’s terrifying to imagine how things could have gone had I chosen any other school. I get frustrated by a lot of things. Partly because of my personality but mostly because I’m awake and paying attention. But the absolute biggest of those things, that kills me and physically rumples up my gut in empathetic pain and straight up frustration, is this: avoidable suffering. The kind of heart-crushing, life-disrupting suffering that can be fixed (or even could have been prevented altogether) ... had the sufferer just listened. If you saw that someone healed from chronic illness—especially in a way that is super affordable comparatively speaking — and you had a chronic illness, wouldn’t you just try it? If your Facebook friend kept posting memes and articles about “foods” that are terrible for you or little sharp things so many insist on inserting into their now-sick children, wouldn’t

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