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How the Poverty Gospel is Killing You

You've probably heard of the widely loved and widely renounced take on the Gospel that's taking America by storm. In the "Prosperity Gospel," God wants all the very best for you--"best" being health, wealth, and everything you could possibly desire. This twisted view of God and the Gospel is gaining popularity in today's world of self-focus and instant gratification because it's comfy and easy. 
But there's a counter-movement also happening that sits on the complete opposite end of the spectrum: what I'm going to dub the "Poverty Gospel." I didn't even realize that movement existed until I watched "American Gospel: Christ Alone" the other day.
I decided to watch this documentary, expecting based on the trailer and previews to be shown some things I already know (how many renowned leaders in the "church" are preaching the Prosperity Gospel, which contradicts Scripture) but more importantly to be informed of so…

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