This is a regularly updated resource of my favorite products, tools, foods, supplements, recipes, and even clothing that helped change my life as I healed and have supported a healthy lifestyle since. These are not affiliate links; just sharing to help.

    the backstory

I made a change in what products I use one thing at a time starting in 2015. After replacing toxic body and household products with non-toxic ones, the biggest change I noticed was an obvious improvement in my time of the month—I went from taking 6 Motrin a day to none at all. And I haven’t taken any pain medication for it since. That is just one example of the huge benefits that can come from switching out harmful products for ones that are not. Living healthy doesn’t mean sacrifice and deprivation. Just simple, intentional swaps add up.

As for food, I adjusted my diet greatly in 2013 to heal my very sick gut. While I added many foods that I eliminated back in over time, many I’ve abandoned permanently because since I eliminated them, I learned that they’re not healthy, period (and I’m 0% sorry). So for the record, I don't eat gluten, soy, refined sugar, peanuts, corn, dairy, or chemically made fake-foods (like MSG).


    Tongue cleaner

    Squatty Potty 

    Rustic Maka deodorant


    Coconut Oil for oil pulling, shaving, and skin issues


    Dry Brush for dry brushing (you can get this in many places--these are an example)

    Rebounder for rebounding (you can get this in many places--this is an example)

    Coconut Oil for oil pulling 



    Leefy Prana


    Earthley Digest-Ease


    Berkey Filters

    Pact Favorite Tee Jersey Sheets 


    Siete chips, tortillas, and taco mix

    Nadamoo ice cream 

    Evolved chocolate 

    Hu chocolate

    Simple Mills pancake mix, pizza dough, crackers, cake, muffins, and more 

    Primal Kitchen mayonnaise

     Organicville ketchup

    Simply Organic spices

    Coconut Secret Coconut Aminos


    Madhava coconut sugar

    Navitas cacao powder

    Spectrum shortening

    If You Care baking cups

    If You Care parchment paper


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