While I have received a multitude of questions about DNRS over the past few years, below are the most common questions that allow for brief answers, and I will be adding to this list as needed. While the best place to find answers to the facts about DNRS is their website, these are the answers in my own words out of my own personal experience and what I am aware of in the program.

What is DNRS? DNRS stands for the Dynamic Neural Retraining System, a program developed by Annie Hopper while healing her own severe chronic health issues (particularly MCS). DNRS is a brain retraining program that is used to release the brain from being stuck in chronic fight or flight mode, which is caused by a trauma-induced limbic system impairment, to a state of health.

What is DNRS helpful for? DNRS can be used to help with a vast range of symptoms and illnesses. Just a few of the most common ones I am aware of people using the program for are Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Lyme Disease, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, PTSD, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and food allergies. (See the full list on the DNRS website here.) 
Who should do the program? While DNRS was developed to help heal chronic illness, the concept it is based onneuroplasticity (the brain's ability to change)is something that I firmly believe everyone can benefit from learning about. All brains are constantly changing, and you can use that fact to your benefit. For this reason, I think it would be a good idea for anyone to go through the program just to gain a grasp of their ability to take the driver's seat in their brain's plasticity, help themselves improve their life, and be armed with beneficial tools for whatever life throws at them in the future. I will expound more on this in a future full post.

What does the program entail? When I did the program, there were two options: an in-person seminar (which only was available in a few select locations) and DVDs for the at-home program. I did the at-home program. At this point, it now looks like you can choose DVDs or online videos for the at-home version, and it does not appear that in-person seminars are currently available. I would expect that to change in the future.  

DNRS at home begins with watching about a week's worth of videos that explain not only how the brain works and what a limbic system impairment is but also how to do the program. After that, you are expected to commit to at least 6 months of daily training ("practice" or "rounds") for 1 hour. You will also be aware of what you are thinking and saying and making changes where needed as much as possible. So while it is a full-time revamping of how you view symptoms and illness, only about an hour of daily, consistent "work" is involved.

What does "the practice" look like? While I of course cannot give away any info that is only available in the program itself, it does not involve strenuous movement or supplements or diet or anything like that. It involves a lot of mental work, with a good bit of verbal as well, and a small amount of physical movement. However, you can still do the program without moving and without talking.
Is DNRS New Age? I will be writing a full post on this in the future, but, the short answer is no. Actually, the view that it must be "new age" is closer to being "new age" than DNRS is. Please keep in mind that things that are new to us, unfamiliar to us, or confusing to us are not automatically "new age," and automatically assuming all things that are new, unfamiliar, or confusing to us to be new age is a harmful, detrimental way to live.

How long does DNRS take? The initial videos are designed to take about 4 days, but you can take as long as you need. I took a little over a week. Then you begin the daily practice that is expected to be at least 6 months of daily practice for 1 hour.
How much does DNRS cost? While "affordable" is a very subjective word, as someone who was drowning in medical debt, I found the cost of the program to be a steal. The different packages currently range from about $250 to about $315. Worth far more than every penny.

Where do you do DNRS? No travel is required for DNRS, and it is not done through a doctor. This is self-done. You can do it wherever you have a DVD player or internet access, depending which package you buy.

Is DNRS hard? The short answer is yes. Nothing worth doingespecially healing from chronic illnessis easy. It is a way of thinking that is entirely foreign to the vast majority of us, and that is a lot of what makes it difficultlearning anything entirely knew usually is. But while the program is hard, I would also describe it as fairly simple in hindsight. While I described it as "defying gravity," I also immediately called it "an uncomfortable relief." Healing is weird!

Can I do DNRS while also doing other treatments or counseling? You can probably do other treatments while doing DNRS (I continued with FCTs during this time), but I would check with your health team/doctor. However, I would humbly recommend not doing counseling or therapy at the same time as DNRS because therapy tends to go over trauma, causing you to strengthen brain pathways connected to trauma and illness, while DNRS helps you abandon and heal from the brain pathways connected to trauma and illness. You may find that after doing DNRS you are physically, mentally, and emotionally better able and equipped to work through old trauma if you feel it is needed.

Are there times you shouldn't do DNRS? It is recommend to not start the program during extreme change like moving or the death of a loved one.

Can kids do DNRS? I feel that the program may be too complicated for anyone under about 12. However, you may wish to go through the program yourself so you are equipped with its tools and use them to help your child.

Should I do the coaching? Coaching packages are available from DNRS after you complete the videos. Because I had a few people in my life also doing the program around the same time, I didn't feel that I needed it. If you don't know anyone else doing the program, it would probably be a good idea to give coaching a try if you run into particular issues or have a lot of questions.
My fuller answers to more complicated questions can be found here.
(page last updated 06-05-22)

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor or medical professional, and I am not affiliated with DNRS. Nothing I say is to be taken as medical advice. I speak only of my personal experience.

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