My Top 5 Tips for Doing DNRS

This simple post is one of the most important DNRS posts of mine that you need to read--it encompasses a large percentage of the things I find myself repeating to people over and over. 

 So here we go: my five main pieces of advice for doing the program.

Decide and commit.

You have to decide to do it. It is that simple. Not just give it a try half-heartedly, do the practice now and then, and ignore every other aspect of the program. Healing never happens with minimal effort, and DNRS is no exception to that fact. If you do the hour-long practice rounds regularly but ignore your language and thoughts for the rest of the 23 hours a day, you will likely still experience some improvement but much slower than you would.

Let yourself get excited. 

This is one thing I did not do that I wish I had. As anyone with chronic illness knows, getting your hopes up becomes a foreign concept after so many heartbreaks and disappointments. I wish I had thrown all worries to the side and just enjoyed the process--and I bet my healing would have happened even faster. (That is one note--I did heal even with my doubts.)

Give yourself grace.

While you should commit to doing the program as laid out, know that you will miss some things. I learned right away that it is impossible to notice and redirect every applicable thought. That's okay. Catching what you reasonably can is fantastic, and "missing some" will not inhibit your healing. Plus, as you begin to improve, there will be fewer thoughts to catch and rewire, so they will all be caught indirectly in the process of healing (more on that in a future post) or addressed eventually.

Customize it. 

If you're like me, once you get past the resistance phase of the program, you'll likely feel yourself craving the practice rounds and they will feel like a relief. But after a couple weeks and/or a couple months, you may get tired of it or parts of it. This is normal! You may also find that parts of the practice round or your proclamations aren't resonating like they once were. This is when you know it's time to make some tweaks. Try different things: do the practice in four segments of fifteen minutes instead of one full hour, add music or dance to it, change some of the wording to words that resonate with your more (even just one word can make a difference based on its connotation to you personally), minimize steps that aren't resonating with you as much and build on ones that are, or rewrite your proclamation. Any tweaks can help a stale practice glitter like the original one did--trust me.

Also, while you need to do the program to the letter as much as possible, if there are parts you absolutely do not like, maybe do them a different way--and definitely don't toss out the whole thing because there is one part you don't like. For example, as a quiet, introverted person, talking through a memory out loud never felt authentic to me, so I just did it in my head or in a whisper. Keep the groundwork but tweak as needed!

Have patience and trust the process.

This is my most-given advice. It sounds simple, but I know it is easier said than done. Healing with DNRS requires patience, period. But keep this in mind: you can not even try for the next six months and come out on the other side exactly the same, or you can do this practice for the next six months and potentially come out a brand new person. The time will pass at the same speed regardless--why not try? 

Also, you have to trust the process: when you begin, you will not see results immediately, so it is in those times where you are plowing and planting that you have to just trust the harvest will come. And knowing that your brain has no choice but to change as you tell it to, you can bank on an eventual harvest.

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Disclaimer: I am not a doctor or medical professional, and nothing I say is to be taken as medical advice. I speak only of my personal experience.

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