How I Healed

If you follow me on Instagram, you've certainly heard by now that I healed in 2017 from a plethora of issues that had resulted in 6+ years of chronic illness. While a long list of everything I dealt with during those years is for another time, suffice it to say that I had 75 symptoms (I wrote them down when I learned I could heal because I knew one day I would forget them); the label that mainstream medicine had handed me in 2011 was Fibromyalgia (and I definitely would have been offered the label of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome too if I'd asked for it); and the many causes my holistic doctor finally found in 2015 ranged from Lyme Disease to Leaky Gut to Celiac to mercury poisoning. 

While the years were incredibly hard and an emotional roller coaster, looking back, what I did to heal is now pretty straightforward and I can lay out that I did four main things. Let's briefly break down the timeline to see where I started and how I ended up here, healthy:

2010: I got sick. (That's its own story.)

2011: I was labeled with Fibromyalgia.

2013: I stepped off the roller coaster of throwing prescriptions at symptoms and then stumbled upon a holistic doctor and alternative medicine for the first time. With him, I began healing my gut but mostly just gained the hope that healing might actually be a thingwhich I had never heard and had previously been given no reason to suspect. I don't have any ground-breaking treatments to share about from this chapter, just the blazingly bright realization that healing is possible.

2015-2017: Having moved states in 2014, it took me until 2015 to go to a new holistic doctor. This doctor found the multitude of things that were wrong and we started addressing root causes one by one. I did three main things with this doctor's help:

  • An autoimmune diet to heal my gut and then gradually add foods back in when I was given the go-ahead. This took about 3 years because I had already started a similar plan with the holistic doctor in 2013.
  • A wide range of supplements that regularly changed based on my body's changing needs.
  • Field Control Therapy, which involves basically a type of energy-based homeopathic remedies. You are routinely tested to see what infections, toxins, and other pernicious agents are negatively impacting your body the most, and then the remedies help your body rid itself of them. They do involve detox effects (or "herxing") but I credit them with healing a plethora of issues. I did this steadily for about three yearsthey're great for acute issues that pop up (because life happens, you know) as well as chronic issues.

It was while pursuing these three main courses of healing that my lab work started improving for the first time (and consistently continued to improve). And these three things transformed my bodyand as I said, I have the lab work to prove it. I felt glimmers of change and went from almost never being able to clean or cook for years to being able to every now and then. But on paper, I should have been "all better." Yet my day to day just did not match that. This is not a rare phenomenon: chronic illness is sometimes healed with just the above means (or even less), but sometimes the nature of the illness is involving the brain so much that the brain is still very much living in a state of illness, otherwise known as a limbic system impairment. That was me, and I just didn't know it yet. So let us continue with the biggest year yet.

2017: The beginning of 2017, I just so happened to see someone on Instagram recommend DNRS to someone else. I looked it up, thought it was too good to be true, and put it in the back of my mind. In March, after consideration and prayer and running it by my doctor, my husband and I decided I would try it, with cautious optimism.

  • So make that step 4 of 4: the Dynamic Neural Retraining System (DNRS).

I cannot convey in one paragraph what DNRS entailed or just how much it changed my life, so I will be expounding on it in depth in multiple future posts, but the transformation was so dramatic that this brain retraining program is the number one recommendation I have for healing. It was the hardest thing I have ever done, but it set my brain and therefore my body free from the state of chronic illness and I will never get over the impact it had on not only my health but my perspective on life here on out. I am a new person (or rather, the polished-up, best version of the real me) because of Annie Hopper and DNRS. 

If I may, I'd like to add one bonus to these four:

  • Ditching toxic products, from makeup to cleaners. Some of my issues improved from that alone. Make no mistake: what we put into our body feeds only health or illnessand what we put on our body and what we regularly have in our presence are just as important.

As I said, though I can boil it all down to four main points, the process was not at all easy. But the load did get lightened a bit knowing that I could healthat we can heal. And God's gift of hope for healing in the land of the living is what above all carried me through.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor or medical professional, and nothing I say is to be taken as medical advice. I speak only of my personal experience.


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