I never was one to have strong opinions. You know, about the important things.

I’ve always felt very strongly about the things I love, like jewelry and music, and similarly strongly about what I dislike, like corn bread and football. 

But losing my health, living in that place for six years, and then finally finding it turned me from wishy-washy to resolute real quick.

When illness came, I was plunged into the world of chronic pain, chronic fatigue, and chronic-multitudes-of-other-symptoms. And with that came the world of treating said illness. 

Then came the smaller, lesser-known world of realizing lies we’ve all been led to believe about illness and health, seemingly from birth.

Then came the world of alternative treatments, the active quest for health, and hope. So much hope. And finally healing.
The blindly accepted views I’d lived and breathed, along with virtually everyone else in today’s world, had left me without the need to have strong opinions.
There were no questions—and if there were, the answers were already common knowledge or better yet known exclusively by doctors—there were no doubts, and there were no other options when it comes to health. You listen to what mainstream medicine dictates, you take your pills, and you just keep on powering through.

It’s safe to say my experience cured me of not having strong opinions. Because once you’ve seen what I’ve seen, you cannot not gain very strong views. 
But all of my views are born out of experience and are rooted in a now-unshakeable conviction to question everything and be your own advocate. They don't have expensive pieces of paper or claims of expertise to back them up but are founded in real-life, first-hand trial and error—and victory. And they are founded in an empathy for everyone who is still drowning in the suffering that I have known well and a desire to share the hope that was once so unbelievable and unknown to me. 
Disclaimer: I am not a doctor or medical professional, and nothing I say is to be taken as medical advice. I speak only of my personal experience.


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