Between this blog's content and my website, I've probably already established the sort of things that you'd typically find on an About page: the deep stuff that makes me me.

So how about a very atypical assortment? Some non-deep, random, truly irrelevant details about the author of this blog that also make me me.

  • I can say the alphabet backwards in less than three seconds. Seriously. I've been timed by a teacher in college.
  • You will never hear me willingly say the phrases/words "on point," "decadent," and "tender." I am a word person, perhaps even a word snob, if you will, and there is a long list of phrases/words I cannot stand for little to no reason. Those are just the first three I thought of.
  • At the same time, there are words I love for little to no reason. On that list are "twilight," "silence," "midnight," and "veranda." Interestingly enough, those are also some of my favorite things. Huh.
  • I believe very strongly that one of the greatest tragedies in American music is the dissolution of The Civil Wars. I will never be okay with it. "Dust to Dust" is one of my favorite songs ever. And considering my love of music, that's quite the statement.
  • However, Joy Williams has cushioned that blow a little by releasing songs like "What a Good Woman Does," which is also up there with "Dust to Dust."
  • While it seems most females of my age and interests are Jane Austen fanatics, I prefer Lucy Maud Montgomery and Louisa May Alcott. Not a fanatic, just a calm, fond fan. Just saying.
  • It is my opinion that FRIENDS is the best show ever. Second place goes to Timeless.
  • I've never flown on a plane. And with what I know now about the spraying of passengers that apparently goes on on them, among other non-desirable things, I don't have immediate plans to do so. 
  • In my senior year of college, I won the school's annual Extemporaneous Writing Contest. We had one hour to write an essay on a two-word topic. I will never get over my surprise and disbelief at hearing my name announced weeks later.
  • I am not a bandwagon person. Generally if there is a book/movie/trend that everyone is screaming about and telling me to read/watch/do, that alone prompts me to not do so. Am I a rebel? Apparently.  
  • Whatever I like or dislike, I like or dislike it VERY strongly. I am not a person of happy mediums. That will be very unsurprising the more you read this blog. :) 
  • I can technically read music but not well and definitely not quickly, so I just don't. Which might be surprising considering this whole music thing I do.
  • My favorite foods are plantain fries and chocolate--the real kind, not this sugar-filled crap. And watermelon water. It's a thing, I promise.
  • I love, love, love organizing and being organized. I didn't say cleaning; I said organizing

So how was that? Interesting? Perplexing? Concerning? If you're into the deeper stuff, be sure to check out the About page on my website.

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